Ed and Rachel Barnhart sold their home in East Wenatchee, Washington, in 2003 and began a life of full-time RVing. They travel in a 34-foot triple-slide Alfa Gold fifth-wheel trailer pulled by a Ford F-350 dually crew-cab 7.3-liter diesel pickup with a full Banks Powerpack and Pac Brake installed.

They initially traveled from the Pacific Coast of Washington State to Maine, then to the Southeast and across the South to Arizona, into Mexico for a month, and then back to Washington State in a period of 13 months. They traveled in all the perimeter states but Vermont and Florida.

Upon reaching Washington again they realized that Ed’s elderly parents needed more care than they could provide themselves, so Ed and Rachel remained in Wenatchee for 15 months. Ed’s mother died in May, 2006, his dad moved to assisted living in Prescott, Arizona, near Ed’s brother, Neil, in August that year, and died in November, 2006.

Ed and Rachel resumed traveling full-time in September, 2006, heading south along the West Coast. They reached the San Diego area and fell in love with it. They remained in San Diego from February 1, 2007 until December 1, 2008, when they once again “hit the road.”

They seek warm climates and interesting things to do and see while serving God. They pray each day for God to put before them someone with whom they can share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

You may contact them personally at barnharted@aol.com or by mail at 17185 Hwy 16 N 1-22, Medina, TX 78055.

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